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Commercial (shops, bars, offices small business etc)

We have installed many systems in small – medium sized commercial properties. These include pubs, shops, offices, salons and many more.

We install with the same pride and consideration that we afford our domestics customers whilst focusing on minimum disruption to the business and the health and safety of everyone on site

Hardwired Alarms

These are the more traditional types of alarms that require cables running to all detection and alert devices. The advantage of a hardwired system compared to wireless is that there are no batteries to replace in any of the devices and some customers feel that hardwired systems are more dependable and less hassle that their wireless counterparts.

Wireless Alarms

Fast growing in popularity, due to advances in battery technology and internet signal strength wireless alarms are a great way to install a simple yet effective intruder alarm system. Once the main control panel has been connected to the mains supply all other equipment is totally wireless. This is a great system for people not wishing to have floorboards/carpets lifted. Detached outbuildings can also be protected without having to worry about cable runs. The use of the wireless systems in a commercial property is also advantageous as it massively reduces any disruption and greatly cuts the time our engineers are site so that you can get on with running your business.

Smart Alarms

As the world is fast changing into a technological society security systems are massively taking advantage of this tech. Smart alarms will work in the traditional way EG code or fob but also they will run on an app that will give the end user full control of the security system and even alert them of activations via their phone or tablet. Most wireless systems have this tech built in as standard.

Hybrid Alarms

These are systems that can combine both hardwired and wireless devices. For example If you had an old hardwired system we could upgrade it with new hardwired equipment. However if you wanted rooms/buildings covered that were not part of the original system (so no cables exist) then we could add wireless devices into those rooms.

Self Monitored Alarms

As stated under the ‘smart alarm’ section these alarms can be monitored by yourself by using the app on your device. From anywhere in the world (providing good internet cover available) yourself, family members and colleagues will be notified of an alarm activation and take the necessary action to respond to the needs of the premises.

24 Hour Monitored Alarms by Home Securities

Some customers would prefer Home Securities to monitor their alarm systems. In circumstances such as going on holiday (long haul flights or with no phone access), hospital workers (doctors/nurses) who cannot be with their phones at certain times or people taking long meetings etc, this is where we come in. We can monitor your alarm in the event of an activation and if we can’t get hold of yourself we can inform your key holders.


 A CCTV system can help you to protect your home by acting as a deterrent to would be intruders and recording any incidents for evidential purposes.

Also CCTV can be helpful in many day to day scenarios. Especially things like delivery disputes, tradesmen’s arrival and departure times, health and safety issues on your premises and more and more increasingly neighbourly disputes.

 Whatever your concerns we will design a system tailor made for your needs.


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