Commercial Services

We have installed many systems in small – medium sized commercial properties. These include pubs, shops, offices, restaurants, churches and many more

Commercial Services


Looking after your business premises is a must. Having a CCTV system covers much more than just the security side of things. It allows you to keep a close eye on your business either on site or remotely. 

Imagine the damage and cost to your business if a member of staff got injured. By having a CCTV system installed you could review the image to ensure that the correct health and safety practices were adhered to. Also the footage can be used in any investigation and future training to teach your employees the correct practice. 

CCTV can also help to eliminate false claims and accusations. 
As the business owner you can check on a number of things to help the smooth day to day running of your company. e.g; arrival time of staff and visitors, the correct amount of parcels being delivered and to ensure that staff members are behaving in a professional manner. 

From a security point of view the CCTV system can keep you and your staff safe on site. Let’s say that you have a notification that an alarm has gone off at your work premises during the middle of the night. Before you go out to investigate you can log onto your CCTV APP and check that there are no intruders on site. Without CCTV you could be putting yourself or keyholders at risk. 

We can design a bespoke system for all your business requirements. 


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